Be Understood

Join a Community of Understanding and Validation

When a child experiences trauma or loss,  they also experience isolation from their “normal” peers. Grieving children choose “normal” even though they feel disconnected from the daily concerns and priorities of kids their age. A child who is grieving may not have a single friend capable of understanding, let alone mentioning, their loss. They may never meet anyone who can relate to their experience. While therapy appointments and bereavement groups are important and irreplaceable, they can make grieving children feel even more excluded from their carefree and oblivious peer group. Grieving children feel alone. We are here to offer a community of understanding and validation.

Resources to Promote Understanding and Validation:

  • Parent Teacher Guide: Understand childhood grief and how to support a grieving child or student.
  • Family and Friend Guide: What to say to console a grieving friend or loved one.
  • Community of Support: Find online, local and global support groups and initiatives for grieving families.
  • Words of Support: Quotes, stories and poems for a sense of shared understanding, catharsis and validation that you are not alone.