Our Story

We are an educator and licensed emotional freedom technique (EFT tapping) practitioner. We are joining forces to share healing resources that any child or inner child will genuinely enjoy.

We are also identical twin sisters, Jackie Viramontez and Lauren Poinier Martin,  who’ve seen first hand how the same external “circumstances” can have alarmingly different effects. We’ve shared the death of our older brother, the divorce of our parents, and the resulting struggle with depression and anxiety. We’ve also shared a determination to feel joy in every moment, and an intolerance for anything less than heaven on earth. We’ve read everything there is to read, tried every therapy there is to try, and failed in (almost!) every way there is to fail. We are sharing what we “learned the hard way” so your (inner) child doesn’t have to.

The first brainstorms for this project began when we were in elementary school. We wanted to help other children manage and heal from the pain of loss, grief, divorce, anxiety and depression. We wanted everyone to live a joyful, purpose-driven life.

When we were five years old, we lost someone we loved. When we were six years old, we wanted to write a book to list all of the things you should not say to a friend who lost someone they loved. We wanted the book to be a silly, uplifting gift for other kids who had a lost a loved one, but who also felt like laughing and being a “normal” kid. We wanted to know there were other kids out there who understood us. Like all kids, we wanted joy.

Our story is not unique. Like most children who have experienced trauma or loss, we found ourselves surrounded by kids who cared about things we did not care about, who did not know what to say to us, and who did not understand us. We developed a resentful sense of superiority and isolation, believing we experienced and understood more than our carefree teachers and peers.  This sense of alienation led to insecurity, social anxiety, separation anxiety, irrational fears, OCD, depression, outbursts of violence and rage, a dependence on anti-anxiety prescription drugs, and self-sabotaging behaviors meant to dull the symptoms and not the causes.

Multiple times a week, for multiple years, we visited psychiatrists, school social workers, in-school counseling groups, out-of-school bereavement groups and alternative therapies. This type of professional support is important and life-saving. Yet, at the time, it all left us feeling more alienated from our peers, more misunderstood, more weird, more alone. We always wanted something else, and that something was joy. Joy meant feeling and acting like a “normal’ happy kid while also proudly and joyfully voicing our story. We didn’t want our story to be silenced, or to mean sadness and awkwardness and pity. We wanted our story to mean strength, purpose and joy.

The purpose of Wand and Cape is to empower grieving (inner) children to feel understood, self-aware and joyful so they can lead purpose-driven lives. We think growth should be fun, which is why we offer joy-infused resources, including mindfulness doodles and daydreams to help any (inner) child visualize and take enthusiastic ownership of their future. Regardless of trauma and loss, you choose who you are. Choose to raise your (inner) child on love and joy.